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Creator marketing done right

Effective influencer marketing boils down to genuine relationships, high conversions, and data. MyPlaza is designed to help you confidently work with influencers.

Our Story

It started with fun

Heaven's first show

Vikram met Heaven, a Musician, as a Junior at UCLA. Heaven loved Vikram's salesmanship and asked him to help sell his 'P4E' shirts at his first show for a commission. They sold over 40 shirts to a crowd of 150 people. It was such a success that Heaven asked Vikram and Rohan to help him do it online so his friends could sell for him as well. Here's when they hit a roadblock - it was too complicated to set up. All he wanted to do was allow influencers to sell his shirts for him. That's when the idea for MyPlaza was born.

Vikram and Rohan spoke to as many brands and influencers as they could. They found that along with an archaic sign up process, conversion funnels are long and tracking ROI is close to impossible. What's worse, when brands pay for an affiliate link, 47% of users bounce when redirected.

To see for ourselves we bought an Instagram account and grew it to a 100k followers. The account was inundated with requests. Legitimate brands' messages often get lost. Business operates on negotiation followed by handshake agreements. Payments are executed via PayPal or Venmo and are often late. Brands aren't sure if a creator will generate revenue and creators aren't sure if they will get paid. It's chaos.

Our mission is to bring professionalism to the creator marketing industry. We believe a centralized shop for influencers, where all data and payments are collected, will finally bring clarity to the industry. No more negotiations, no more late payments, no more losing customers, and no more ROI cluelessness.

Our Values

What we believe in

Seeking Truth

Its not about being right, its about finding the truth.

Moving Fast

We move faster than fast. The faster we ship quality products, the more we more learn. The more we learn, the better the product.

Fighting Hard

We are warriors. We are competitive and never give up.

Infinitly Learning

The one thing we are certain of is that we don't know what we don't know. We are voracious readers - always seeking to learn.

Self Awareness

We are mature and practice self awareness so that we are in control of our minds when times get tough.

Not Ego - Confidence

We believe ego is given, but confidence is earned. Belief in oneself is overrated - we must generate evidence.

Pursuing Quality

We push for quality in everything we do. We hold ourselves to high expectations because we know we can always do better.

Having Purpose

We sacrifice our one life building MyPlaza because we believe empowering entreprenuers and creators is the highest leverage play to help the world.

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Our Team

We keep ourselves in top shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. We meditate, eat healthy, read, journal, hit the gym, and stay sober. "Mens sana in corpore sano" - A healthy mind in a healthy body.

  • Vikram Pai

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Vikram studied Philosophy and Math-Economics at UCLA. He graduated a year early, taking summer courses, to start his first venture. He says he learns way more from his losses. In his spare time he reads, plays poker, and pulls pranks on his friends.

  • Rohan Verma

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Rohan is a technical genius. He has been writing code since he was nine years old, and in his 10th grade and 12th grade board exams he topped India in Computer Science. In his spare time he reads, plays chess, and spends time with his younger sister

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